WelcomeRanked by USA Today as the 16th Best food market around the world, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market is a self-sustaining entity comprised of 28 independently-owned businesses, including eateries, retail shops and shops offering sweets, fresh meat and seafood, as well as produce.

As Atlanta’s only public market, the Curb Market…

• Contributes to the City’s economic development,

• Serves multiple purposes, such as small business incubator, tourist attraction, job creator and venue for fresh food,

• Focuses on local businesses and…

• Meets food shopping needs in an area otherwise devoid of fresh options.

The greater Atlanta community now enjoys beloved restaurants—Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Bell Street Burritos, Sweet Auburn Barbeque and Arepa Mia–that got their start at the Curb Market. Find a listing of our current merchants here.

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