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Metro Deli Soul Food has been operating, as a restaurant, in the Market since 2004.  Owners, Mimi and Freselam came from Ethiopia in the nineties and worked hard to learn the language, culture, the food and, the food industry.

Metro Deli Soul Food is a Deli and a Soul Food Restaurant. 

  • The Deli provides made to order sandwiches and breakfast daily. Ask Mimi about her chicken salad sandwiches.
  • The Soul Food part has meat and vegetable options daily. The vegetables are never made with meat. You can add some cobbler or banana pudding to this meal and you are good to go! Yum.

Mimi and Freselam didn’t leave their Ethiopian roots behind. They brought their flavors in many dishes including their Lentil Sambusa (Ethiopian Spicy and Mild Vegetarian Appetizer), and Spicy Beets Salad.

They also have several vegan options including Lentil Soup and Mimi’s own Falafel that you can have as a wrap, salad or purchase to carry home with you frozen.

When you visit Metro Deli Soul Food you will find something for everyone!

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