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I am often reminded of the saying, “Without farmers, there is no food.” Today I read an article about the decimated farms in Puerto Rico. Residents of this country will have no local food for at least a year.

Support your local farms, buy local, and eat local are all expressions we have become accustomed to hearing. And, yes we do always want to strive to support local agriculture. But when a catastrophe of this magnitude happens, don’t we all have a responsibility to support a neighbor who is in need?

And this neighbor is a U.S. Territory. At a time when our country is being torn apart emotionally over politically based issues, perhaps we can come together for our fellow citizens. Not to the exclusion of Houston, Texas, or the state of Florida, but in addition to.

From an article in The Guardian, “Consider that, as we speak, some vital supply ships may not be able to reach the island because they don’t meet the requirements of an obscure rule, known as the Jones Act, which requires that all cargo ships docking in Puerto Rico carry a United States flag and an American crew.”

For more detailed information, click on the link below. And give any way you can.

‘Apocalyptic’ devastation in Puerto Rico, and little help in sight’

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