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Grindhouse Killer Burgers Paid it Forward” to the homeless community in the month of December. As Grindhouse customers purchased food, they were asked if they would like to “Pay it Forward” and contribute the cost of a hamburger to someone in need during the Holiday Season. For those who participated, Grindhouse placed a Burger Badge on their wall with the customer’s name. On December 24, 2015, owner Tony Accurso counted the Burger Badges and his team started cooking burgers that would be donated to the Gateway Center in Atlanta.  The Gateway Center is the “gateway” to a continuum of care that helps individuals move out of homelessness. Tony’s team spent Christmas Eve preparing 280 burgers, which were picked up by the Gateway Center and deliver hot to a waiting audience. Great job Tony and Team!

Burger Badges











Cooking Time












Prepping the Burgers 













The Team & The Grindhouse Killer Burgers









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