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Metro Deli Soul Food

As the temperature cools and the days get longer, I know that many of you are thinking about soup for lunch. Well look no further than Metro Deli Soul Food. They have hot soup most days. Just stop by and check to see what is in the soup pot. Whatever it is, Mimi and her team are making it delicious. You can have it for lunch or take it home for dinner. It’s always your choice here at the market.


City Provisions

You may have seen the sign for City Provisions “coming soon” hanging in the Market. Well, you will not have to wait for one of the products that will be offered at Atlanta’s newest grocery. You are now able to purchase on line Coach Joe’s branded products. They are manufactured in the US exclusively by Highlands Hickory Market. Quality and Service is the cornerstone of what has made Highlands Hickory Market able to provide the highest quality product with a customer eating experience they will always remember. Go to and start enjoying some of the products you will be able to get in the Market soon.


Miss D’s Popcorn and Pralines

Miss D’s is always adding new popcorn flavors. She is a creative genius. You wonder where these ideas come from.  You can also purchase her gourmet popcorn to take home and pop it yourself or send to a friend as a gift item.

Miss D has just added Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Fudge with a hint of Praline to her offerings for the holiday.  Miss D says “stop on by and take some Love on the Road.”





Rawesome Juicery

Rawesome Juicery is now offering three new Bowls and new juices. Check them out!

  • Tropical
  • Peanut Butter
  • Detox




Peanut Butter 



Panbury’s Double Crust Pies

 Panbury’s has added some seasonal pies to their menu. They include:

  • Thanksgiving Turkey Pie
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Mini Pie

 The Thanksgiving Turkey Pie is Thanksgiving in a bite: Roasted turkey, homemade corn-bread stuffing, homemade turkey gravy, fresh herbs & a side of cranberry sauce.


The Pumpkin Chocolate Mini Pie is a holiday favorite with creamy pumpkin filling, spices & milk chocolate encased in a sweet short crust pastry.

National Sandwich Day 

National Sandwich Day is observed annually on November 3rd . The sandwich is believed to be the namesake of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, following the claim that he was the inventor of the sandwich.  This day honors one of America’s most popular lunch items, the sandwich.

Three City Pizza serves three types of sandwiches. Check out their meatball sub. Also, you can always get a sandwich from Sweet Auburn BBQ, and Metro Deli Soul Food. Tilapia has Fish Sandwiches. You can always purchase meat from our vendor and make you own. The choice is yours.


Georgia State University – Panther Corner

Panther Corner by Haley Sanders

Panther Corner, brought to you by Sweet Auburn Curb Market, will keep you updated on upcoming events and more.


Homecoming Month

Georgia State University Students experienced a busy homecoming month.

  • the Panthers won the game
  • partied all week for free
  • paraded around the university campus causing serious traffic problems

 Speaker’s Series

One of the most talked about events on campus proves to be the Speaker Series, which brings prominent activists, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, environmentalists and other leading thinkers to campus to share their compelling stories and visionary ideas. “These high profile speakers offer innovative learning experiences in the form of new concepts, diverse opinions, interesting insights and unusual perspectives that enhance awareness, encourage solutions and enhance student success and global competency.”

This month, Georgia State invited Kent McGuire to speak on Educational Discourse. Dr. Kent McGuire is the President and CEO of Southern Education. He is responsible for SEF’s mission to advance equity and excellence in education in the American South. 

“The university offers this program in order to build engaged citizens and leaders who inspire transformation and will be voices of change for future generations.”

APD Deputy Chief Joseph P. Spillane Becomes Chief of Police GSU

In other news, Joseph P. Spillane will become chief of the Georgia State University Police Department on November 28, 2016.


Now Deputy Chief of the Atlanta Police Department (APD), Joe Spillane has had a distinguished 28-year career in the APD. He holds an in-depth knowledge of our city, its communities and the role of technology in promoting safety and security.  He plans to incorporate the relationships he’s developed over his career to build and strengthen collaboration between Atlanta police and the Georgia State University Police Department, a partnership that is fundamental to campus safety.

Haley’s Closing Note

Without a doubt, there are numerous activities that go on at Georgia State University. We would like to keep Sweet Auburn Curb Market updated and close in order to further grow the bond we have between the Market, the students and the community.

Manager’s Note 

More Than Just Food

We all know people come both to eat lunch and shop at the market on a regular basis. What we may forget, is the contribution and impact a public market, such as ours, and has on the surrounding community and the city in which it’s located.

Originally, public markets (almost always located in the middle of downtown areas), were the primary or only source of fresh food. In addition to shopping, going to market was a time to meet your neighbors, and catch up with the latest news. You might say, it was rather like their own form of “social media.”

In an effort to maintain the best of today, while bringing back and introducing the community element of the market, we will be hosting more events that are relevant to our neighbors and visitors alike.

One such endeavor is the new Teaching Kitchen soon to open inside the market. This will be a place where a new generation can learn the ways of yesterday’s kitchen, while also reacquainting those who may remember their parents or grandparents canning their own fresh fruit and vegetables, making ketchup from scratch, and learning how to eat seasonally.

Always a great lunch spot, the market will continue to look for new ways to contribute to people’s health, happiness, and well-being.


Pam Joiner 


  • Afrodish
  • Arepa Mia
  • Bell Street Burritos
  • just add honey tea company
  • Grind House Killer Burger
  • Metro Deli Soul Food
  • Panbury’s Double Crust Pies
  • Rawesome Juicery
  • Sweet Auburn BBQ
  • Tilapia Express
  • Three Cities Pizza 
  • YumDiggity


  • City Provisions (Coming)
  • Learning Kitchen (Coimng)
  • Market Pharmacy
  • Market Gift Shop
  • Miss D’s Pralines
  • Sisters Bookshop
  • Sweet Auburn Bakery


  • Atlantic Seafood
  • Country Meat
  • D & J Meat
  • Porky Pig Market


  • Country Produce
  • Curb Produce
  • Natural Produce
  • S & H Produce


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